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2020/03/27 | Weekend - Minor Maintenance

Friday March 27, 2020

2020/03/27 | Incoming maintenance to the WebMeeting platform this weekend. Some users will be unable to connect to meetings for a period of up to 1 minute as maintenance takes place. File upload functionality will also be temporarily suspended for the same 1 minute time period.

2020/03/25 | Portal Not Found Issues

Wednesday March 25, 2020

2020/03/25 | Due to extended maintenance, new infrastructure and zoning, some users will experience issues where logging into meetings may not be possible. To remedy this, restart your 3CX System Service and try again. If this does not resolve the issue, please go to your ERP account and set the correct country to your license key registration page if no country is assigned and restart your 3CX System Service. If the issue persists even after this, please retry restarting your 3CX System Service again at 23:30 GMT+2

2020/03/24 | More Servers, Capacity, Bitrates and QoS

Tuesday March 24, 2020

2020/03/24 | We've increased our capacity, info on this soon on the new status page server map and 3CX blog. Bitrates for 95% of users can be increased to 4Mbits. The QoS FQDN mcu.3cx.net is being updated with all MCU records and will be available soon.

2020/03/23 | Increasing Max Simultaneous Streams

Monday March 23, 2020

2020/03/23 | Simultaneous stream limits within a meeting are being increased from 12 to 25. The change will take place at 23:00 GMT +2 and will require a service restart. Users will be disconnected from their meetings.

2020/03/22 | Increased Capacity for Europe, Multi-Region CDN & Split Region Routing

Sunday March 22, 2020

2020/03/22 | Our infrastructure for WebMeeting, especially for Europe is growing to a factor of x ~10 as per increased demand for WebMeetings. We've added a multi-region CDN so that WebMeeting will load up faster wherever you are in the world and also each region such as BeNeLux, DACH and others have their own dedicated regional MCUs of course lightning fast HA routing to each region's MCUs. Users in the US and Asia regions will be moved to this infrastructure soon, but for the moment will remain on the existing WebMeeting infrastructure. The Status Map will be updated as soon.

2020/03/20 | Slow Logins & High Load Resolved

Friday March 20, 2020

2020/03/20 | Previously mentioned issues like slow logins & high load have now been resolved.

2020/03/18 | New Servers for ZA

Wednesday March 18, 2020

2020/03/18 | We're deploying 2 new MCUs in South Africa soon to allow users from the region to connect to local servers for low latency meetings.

2020/03/18 | Concurrent Active Video Limits

Wednesday March 18, 2020

2020/03/18 | We'll be rolling out experimental concurrent active video limitations over the new few days where: #1 No more than 16 (Subject to change) videos can be enabled at any given time in a meeting. This is to reduce delay and other issues caused by meetings with a huge amount of concurrently active videos. We've noticed sessions with 50 - 100 participants all with video enabled which causes these problems and hence why we are adding limits to concurrent videos per meeting. These types of meetings would require each user to have 50-100Mbit download as well as for our servers to stream 10Gigabits for 1 meeting. #2 All meetings will start with your video disabled by default. This is to futher combat the previously mentioned phenomenon.

2020/03/18 | Updates, Fixes and More Servers

Wednesday March 18, 2020

2020/03/18 | We've made an initial effort to reduce the effects of high load during the day such as slow logins or the unavailability of certain servers. The WebMeeting Client / UI is now served by a Google CDN optimized to deliver the client to you with minimal delay from anywhere around the world. The client was previously served by a single server in Europe. In addition to this, several internal optimizations have been made throughout the day to try to address the effects of high load. More radical optimizations will be deployed tomorrow during the operation of WebMeeting with minimmal effects on new and ongoing meetings. Additionally, we've gone ahead and increased our server pool to 27 high capacity servers with specs of 48t, 2Gbps Up/Down and have deprecated older smaller sized servers to address the increasing demand for WebMeeting.

2020/03/18 | Slow Logins

Wednesday March 18, 2020

2020/03/18 | We are experiencing high load that in effect is making logging in slow for all meetings. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible.

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